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  • Click here
    September 22, 2007
    Do poeple really "click here"?...
  • Digg Labs Visualisations
    September 11, 2007
    Nice visualisation of stories currently be dug on
  • Guerilla Usability
    June 16, 2007
    [Seen at hi-res]...
  • HTML Page Titles & Usability
    November 29, 2006
    Here's a screenshot of my surfing history at They use the following schema for page titles: Royalty free stock images | {pagetitle} | Which results in the information that's important for the user being hidden. I know what...
  • Reporting
    October 06, 2006
    Microsoft makes it easy to generate reports. [via 37Signals]...
  • Flashbag
    July 24, 2006
    A russian design for a USB drive that pumps up according to the amount of data stored on it. Nice idea to provide tactile feedback on a device, terrible name though. And I'm no expert, but it's going to...
  • Testing website contrast on Mac OS X
    March 31, 2006
    Having checked out GrayBit, it occured to me that those of us who develop/design on OS X already have a set of tools at our disposal for testing the effectiveness of the contrast in our designs....
  • GrayBit - lose the colour
    March 30, 2006
    GrayBit will transform your website into greyscale, including images in img tags (Images loaded via CSS arent transformed), allowing you to check the contrast levels of your design. High contrast = good for people with impared vison. BrandSpankingNew doesn't really...