• Feral Robotic Dogs
    November 07, 2006
    Old news, but news to me: reprogrammed toys. Out there, in happy family homes, in the offices of corporate executives, in toy stores through out the globe, is an army of robotic dogs. These semi-autonomous robotic creatures, though currently...
  • The Sunk Cost Fallacy
    October 10, 2006
    ..the sunk cost fallacy occurs when you make a decision based on the time and resources you’ve already committed and not on what would be the best way to spend your remaining time and energy. ... Unless you’re the...
  • AJAX saves bandwidth (and cash)
    September 30, 2006
    Another argument for AJAX, and one that is so obvious it rarely seems to be mentioned. has posted statistics from their coverage of the Macworld San Francisco 2006 keynote speech given by Steve Jobs. We peaked at approximately 103,000...
  • AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field
    August 04, 2006
    Update 2007-02-07 Lots of changes. Demo and documentation here. Download AutoSuggest v.2 Tested on Safari 2.0.4, Firefox 2 Mac & PC, IE 6, IE 7 Update 2006-11-17 Added support for special characters. Original post 2006-08-04 I finally got around to...
  • Replacing trackbacks
    July 24, 2006
    Particletree have developed an interesting solution to replace trackbacks (which I deactivated long ago due to the sheer amount of spam generated, compared to the handful of genuine trackbacks) using Google Blogsearch. Thanks to RSS, XSL and a little PHP...