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  • The Sunk Cost Fallacy
    October 10, 2006
    ..the sunk cost fallacy occurs when you make a decision based on the time and resources you’ve already committed and not on what would be the best way to spend your remaining time and energy. ... Unless you’re the...
  • Subway viral update
    August 03, 2006
    The first video response. Coudal steps into the ring in the fight for the subway account. Later that day... have now put up this semi-self-parodying blog. An attempt at damage limitation? I can't believe how this is working out...
  • pitches via YouTube
    August 02, 2006 uses YouTube to pitch their viral savvy to Subway. They seem like nice enough people from a nice agency, with a nice idea. It's a shame that the end product turned out to be so dull/contrived. If they'd had...