Chinese Toy Factory

Posted on October 04, 2007

chinese toy factory

25 images from inside a Chinese toy factory. Considering the photographer was granted permission to take these, I imagine the conditions in the factory are thought of as exemplary.

It is interesting to see how Google Adsense happily places adverts into what is arguably a negative context for the customer. Then again, companies looking for cheap production facilities may well be pleased to see that the their money isn't going towards anything as superfluous as worker nutrition or facilities.

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Latyas said

Hi,I am a Chinese.
nice to visit your website.

Posted by: Latyas at December 9, 2007 03:02 AM .

werbeagentur said

Whow the pictures are impressive. The scencery looks very strange to me. People are building Toys with very unhappy faces. There is a picture where some people assembling a mickey mouse and looking very depressive. The last picture is so hard, cause they are leaving the "ToysFactory" in a row, observed by security personal. Very, very morbide and strange look.

Posted by: werbeagentur at December 10, 2007 01:44 PM .