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Posted on December 08, 2006

origami goliath beetle

Robert Lang has 33 origami crease patterns available as PDF downloads. The one above is for a goliath beetle, if you're wondering.

Within the last ten years, a new form of written instruction has become ubiquitous within the modern art of origami: the crease pattern (often referred to by its abbreviation, CP). Conventional origami diagrams describe a figure by a folding sequence — a linear step-by-step pattern of progression. Crease patterns, by contrast, provide a one-step connection from the unfolded square to the folded form, compressing hundreds of creases, and sometimes hours of folding, into a single diagram! Small wonder, then, that to many people, the concept of an origami crease pattern as a form of origami instruction is more than a little reminiscent of a famous S. Harris cartoon in which a scientific derivation is described by the phrase “then a miracle occurs…”

So where to start?

(Wikipedia on Origami)

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David Kemp said

Ouch - the comma ended up on the URL for that link.
Nice link :D

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bsn said

thanks. comma's gone.


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Ramon Bispo said

Very good!

I love origamis!

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