Wear your heart on your sleeve

Posted on October 10, 2006


The Bubelle Dress from Philips consists of two layers. The inner layer senses the mood of the wearer and projects them onto the outer shell. Think 'sensitive' rather than 'intellegent'.

"We chose fashion as an idiom to express the kind of research we were doing," says Lucy McRae, Body Architect at Philips Design. "We did this because apparel and textiles can be augmented by a lot of new functionality. A garment can be a highly complex interactive electronic or biochemical device. We are experimenting with devices that are more responsive to subtle triggers like sensuality, affection and sensation."[...]

The garments were therefore designed to respond to an individual's body and create a visual representation of emotions rather than just being 'on' or 'off'. The 'Bubelle' behaves differently depending on who is wearing it, and therefore exhibits completely nonlinear behavior.

Reminds me of how droids express their emotional state in Iain M. Banks Culture novels.