Subway viral update

Posted on August 03, 2006

The first video response. Coudal steps into the ring in the fight for the subway account.

Later that day... have now put up this semi-self-parodying blog. An attempt at damage limitation? I can't believe how this is working out is all part of the master plan.

They couldn’t stop talking about it. Passing it around to friends. Making fun of our bad haircuts. Filming their own parodies. Photoshoping us into monkeys. (And that has been only the last 24hrs!) Which is exactly what the Internet is all about. And it's why you're looking at right now. Enough talking about what is viral. We’ve had that conversation. Let’s just say we wanted to prove how we could reach our target audience at the lowest possible cost. That audience was the ad industry, and the cost was nothing. You do the math. See you in the corner office.

The internet is about people making a mockery of your company? And in what way is the target audience of the Subway pitch the entire ad industry? Surely the action's target group should have been either the decision makers at Subway; Subway's own target group; or, ideally, both?

I have to give kudos for even attempting a rescue action, rather than just sticking their heads in the sand and waiting for the whole to blow over, but it smacks of saying: "Hahaha, guys! This is exactly what we wanted", thinking: "Shit! Shit! Shit!".

See also: crackunit's comments.

To sum up: Nice idea, poor execution. Enough hypertext column-inches already.

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Barry said

Agreed, all of us at our little agency feel the same way that most of the comments point. A great idea gone wrong through its execution. I think the blog is even worse, when a campaign dies like this its next to impossible to spin back to your favor. They shouldve let it die.

Posted by: Barry at August 3, 2006 03:16 PM .