BumpTop Desktop

Posted on June 26, 2006


BumpTop aims to enrich the desktop metaphor with expressive, lightweight techniques found in the real world.

I love this desktop interface prototype. File names don't seem to be that obvious though. I normaly organise my desktop by file type, because it's easier to remember that I'm looking for say, a quicktime movie that I downloaded than to remember the first letter of it's filename. Looking for all files of one type on the desktop seems to involve a number of steps.

Read the in-depth PDF publication. Here's the demo video on Google Video.

[ Thanks to Rolf for the link. ]

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Penguinx said

I'd say it has a practical application for mp3 collections. Use album art for the folder/CD case texture and, voila, there you go. Pretty intuitive. Probably wouldn't even need the filename to be as obvious in such an instance.

Here, though, it leaves me a little cold.

Posted by: Penguinx at June 30, 2006 05:40 PM .