CSS style and Safari textfields

Posted on April 14, 2006

Up until now safari hasn't allowed much visual control of textfields via CSS, unlike, for example, Firefox. It's possible to argue that this is a good thing, with aqua-style input elements providing consistency across websites: when developers can only chose from a predetermined UI toolbox, the user immediately recognises those tools and thinks "aha, I can type something into this!".

Now it looks as if the developers of the Apple WebKit (the technology that underpins safari) have done a 180° u-turn, allowing an unprecedented range of options for CSS styling. Support for CSS3 features such as the expanded set of border attributes is going to make developing CSS/XHTML sites a lot smoother (check out those pure-css rounded corners - thank god!).

The sample CSS markup can be found in the WebKit Wiki.

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Mike Hopkins said

Is there a new link for the WebKit Wiki? The above link does not seem to work.

Posted by: Mike Hopkins at August 7, 2007 07:35 PM .