Intel redesigns

Posted on January 03, 2006

intel logos

Intel has redesigned it's logo after 36 years, and is dropping the "intel inside" tagline that has spawned a thousand parody t-shirts - a sure sign that it was working.

The stated reason behind the $2,000,000 redesign is that Intel doesn't want to be seen purely as a producer of microchips.

The dropped "e" has been replaced with a custom "modern" typeface that seems, for my taste, a little indecisive. The claim "leap ahead" looks ok, but I don't think the partially-rounded letter forms suit the word "Intel". The swoosh has obviously been lifted from the "intel inside" logo, not something that's guaranteed to move intel away from their processor manufacturer image.

The "pentium" name is also to phased out, to be replaced by the "Viiv" home entertainment platform. It's a bold move to throw out a brand that you've spent millions building up, a brand that people can intuitively spell for that matter, a brand that symbolises the best the market has to offer. But then, what do I know... I suppose I just find the resulting redesign and claim a little bit too mundane...

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Angel said

It´s a bad change.

Posted by: Angel at January 7, 2006 06:01 PM .

alan said

incredible!!! :(

Posted by: alan at January 8, 2006 01:01 AM .


another elipse?

Posted by: ADRESON at January 8, 2006 11:24 PM .

Pedro said

These elipses on logos are the equivalent of a KTP Page Curl plugin on Photoshop.

I still don't believe this is serious. Is it?

I would like to know how much did this change cost.

Posted by: Pedro at January 9, 2006 03:10 AM .

Mike in Australia said

$2M you say... awesome, what a spectacular scam. With the impressive sales skills they must have, the guys who designed this new marque are wasted in the world of branding... any second hand car dealer would employ them in a second.

What ever happened to drawing the equity from the current identity in the development of the new one. Shame, for one of the world's most valuable brands they've forgotten some really basic rules.

Ps My neighbours 8 year old daughter loves the elipse, she drew one only yesterday with her crayons.

Posted by: Mike in Australia at January 9, 2006 06:48 AM .

BSN said

btw: Kodak has just redesigned it's logo in a similarly bland fashion, imho...

those yellow bars above and below - inspired!

Posted by: BSN at January 9, 2006 12:32 PM .

pajaja said

I didn't notice this, but it is definitly a bad change.
It looks like a logo for a washing machine.. :(

Posted by: pajaja at April 11, 2006 09:25 PM .

ruggz said

Wow..! 2 million dollars for that, well I hope it ends up being worth it. It seems like many companies these days are spending fortunes on a brand image trying to develop a "personality" or associating an "image" with their product or service, hoping their logo becomes "branded" into the consciousness of consumers. So I really wonder if a 2 million dollar elipse will do the trick...By the way there's a lot of design related discussions on a whole range of design topics going on at the Singapore Design Festival 07, check it out

Posted by: ruggz at November 19, 2007 02:29 AM .