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Posted on January 03, 2006

A new year: time to weed out those accumulated accessibility/validation problems!

Run your website through the following online tests, and spend fun-filled hours correcting your markup for the simple pleasure giving them nothing to nag about.

Multiple check-up
  • Silktide Sitescore
    A free tool which rates how well designed, popular and accessible your website is. You get a score from 0-10. I got 8.0 - the apple search box markup doesn't validate. (Thanks to Mattiz für the Link)
  • Doctor HTML
    Single page analysis is free. Covers a range of topics including link-checking, html validity, spelling, browser support.
  • Page Valet
    Checks accessibility, validity and links.
  • HiSoftware Site Tester
    Checks accessibility, alt texts, privacy issues, SEO (meta tags)
Download performance
  • Webpage Analyizer
    Website speed report including number of objects, est. download times and recommendations.
  • Gomez Performance Test
    Nice graphical depiction of download times for objects on a page. (The Technorati .js include is sloooowwww!)
Dead link checkers
Search Engine Optimisation


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Ben Bishop said

Now thats a handy collection of links, there's really no excuse for me not having valid markup in everything I do! (Should help with my New Year's resolutions)

Posted by: Ben Bishop at January 3, 2006 10:22 PM .