Gay phone battle

Posted on October 24, 2005

Verbose blogstar Tom Coates seems to be fighting an unwinnable battle over at You might as well just cut your losses, Tom. (Avoid jokes about a "rear-guard action" at this juncture.) The blog entry was obviously targeted at him:

Yet more "fashion inspired" phones for people who live in London and work for the BBC and are gay and have blogs.

Tom lists "mass-amateurisation" as one of interests. I remember all of that post-structuralist internet theory from the mid-90s promising a digital utopia built on the democratisation of media and communications - the reality is that the values of the dominant social hegemony also propagate themselves in the world of personal publishing.

More comments on Tom's comment matyrdom can be found on his site here.

P.S.: I find the phones to be rather, er... camp?