IKEA goes bullet time

Posted on September 28, 2005

IKEA screenshot

Check out this great flash site for IKEA Sweden. The sound design is spot-on too. Just goes to show that you can do more than port the catalogue onto the screen (if you have the cash).

I remember reading somewhere that the IKEA catalogue has the worldwide highest print-run after the bible (121,000,000 in 23 languages); what kind of cultural statement is that? Probably could be worse, though... (Ms. Rowling apparently manages 23 million)

Link via Styleboost

[UPDATE] Another swedish cultural gem: Dungen. Top of my playlist this week.

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Aaron said

Wow, if only it were in English. This site is ridiculously amazing. Good call on pointing out the sound design. Beautiful!

Posted by: Aaron at October 24, 2005 02:53 AM .