Tough reading...

Posted on July 25, 2005

death row

The statistics page of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Here is a list of all executed prisoners from 1982 to the present day, along with age, weight, education, employment details and photos. Read the last statements first. Then read the descriptions of the offences in the "offender information". The range of feelings about these people that the different texts conjure up are interesting, if not disturbing... Heavy going on a monday evening.

Here's the last statement of Dominique Green, in the photo above:

Man, there is a lot of people there.  There was a lot of people that got me to this point, and I can't thank them all.  But thank you for your love and support; they have allowed me to do a lot more than I could have on my own.  Sheila, I wish I would have met you seven years ago; it would have been a lot easier.  But I have overcame a lot.  I am not angry, but I am disappointed that I was denied justice.  But I am happy that I was afforded you all as family and friends.  You all have been there for me; it's a miracle.  I love you.  And I have to tell Jessica I am sorry.  I never knew it would come to this.  Lorna, you know you have to keep my struggle going.  I know you just lost your baby; but you have to keep running.  Andy, I love you man.  Tell Andre and them that I didn't get a chance to reach my full potential, but you can help them reach theirs.  You needed me, but I just did not know how to be there for them.  There is so much I have to say, but I just can't say it all.  I love you all.  Please just keep the struggle going.  If you turn your back on me, you turn your back on them.  I love you all and I'll miss you all.  Thanks for allowing me to touch so many hearts.  I never knew I could do it, but you made it possible.  I am just sorry.  And I am not as strong as I thought I was going to be.  But I guess it only hurts for a little while.  You all are my family.  Please keep my memory alive.