Graffiti Sucks!

Posted on July 19, 2005

projected grafitti analysis

I think it's fairly safe to say that 99% of graffiti is utter bollocks that in no way deserves the hype it's been given recently. Of course, you can pretty much say that about all art forms, music, writing, etc., but graffiti is per se so in-ya-face that I'm forced to look at this crap, and any self-respecting webdesigner these days *has* to be into it.

Anyway, here's a great graffiti-based project: Graffiti Analysis. Intellegent & aesthetic. Check out the "postal labels against bush" in the archive. In contrast to most of the postal labeling you see, I find this to actually be subversive, clever, subtle and funny. Because it doesn't change the label's intended purpose, it involves the customer/unsuspecting member of the general public in the act of subversion. Great stuff.

[UPDATE 2005-08-03] Something similar from the Royal College of Art show

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manu said

Seen Style Wars ?

Posted by: manu at July 26, 2005 10:56 PM .

timg said

OK. ( Nice site! )

But where's the development? What was groundbreaking in the eighties becomes kind of tired after 20 years of repetition. Not to say there's nothing going on in the graffiti scene - there is, otherwise I wouldn't have posted this...

I think the whole streetart development is a reaction to how bland graffiti has become. Mainstream society isn't shocked or provoked anymore, but has slipped into a dull resignation.

But then again, I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert.

Posted by: timg at July 27, 2005 08:36 AM .

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Posted by: klas at August 1, 2007 08:48 PM .

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