Fujitsu Digital Paper

Posted on July 18, 2005

Fujitsu has launched it's new digital paper. The "film substrate-based bendable color electronic paper" uses only a minimum of power to change an image, and none at all when the image remains unchanged. Unlike LCD technology, the image isn't distorted when the paper is bent.

Possible use: the optimus keyboard. The icons on the keys would stay visible even when the keyboard's power supply is interrupted.

Instead of just "skinning" an application, you could download new skins to your iPod when you syncronise your music. Or the iPod could display a wrap-around version of the album artwork of the song currently playing, bringing back some meaning to the phrase "cover-art".

Obviously this sort of technology could revolutionise the art of signage. Think restaurant signs in airports or shopping centres that could tell visitors if the restaurant is open and has seating capacity.

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