Modern-day fear #1: Quicktime Angst (aka. Night of the Streaming Dread)

Posted on June 15, 2005

An innoculous enough start: Quicktime decides it's got enough content buffered, and commences playback. All is well...

quicktime loading bar

Or is it? After a couple of seconds playback, you're distracted a rising sense of panic as you notice the playback head is gaining on the loading progress bar far too quickly!

The loading bar struggles to stay one step ahead of playback; the video itself barely registers anymore - you're inwardly shouting "C'mon!, c'mon! you can make it!"

With the playback head hot on it's heals and just as stoppage seems inevitable, the progress bar shows a new lease of life. But still so far! so far! And it comes as it must; the rebuffer.

Stop. Rewind. Film fully-loaded. Play.