Maelstrom - Next generation Flash Player

Posted on June 08, 2005

Macromedia has given a sneak-preview of some (possible) capabilities of the next flash player; codename "Maelstrom".

  • New image effects (drop shadows, blurs, glows, beveled highlights, color transformation and convolution)
  • New blending modes (overlays, lighten and darken, multiply, screen)
  • New image API to control image effects with ActionScript
  • New Video Codec VP6
  • New font render-engine to crisply display fonts at small sizes
  • File up-/download capabilities
  • Increased privacy control for local storage of data
  • Improved performance

Image effects: will help avoid tiresome workarounds, or lengthly coding

Blending modes: finally.

Image API: programmatically-controlled effects; always good.

File up-/download: will definitely have an impact for developers of rich-internet applications.